Thank you for visiting my website and reviewing my accomplishments during my first term as your Ward 3 Council member. I hope you will see that I’m a common sense person committed to serving you. I have kept all my promises I made to you when I asked you to vote for me in 2009. The pledges I made to you are very important because I’m asking you to vote for my re-election on November 5, 2013. You deserve to have a proven leader with a voice on council who represents all citizens, is genuine, creative, responsible and responsive.

Below are my first priorities when you honor me with your vote for Marsha Berzins to represent you on the Aurora City Council.


My vision for Ward 3 is to make sure everyone has an equal and fair opportunity for individual success to provide for themselves and their families. I had a part in seeing over 5500 jobs created in Aurora during my first term. When citizens bring in paychecks, we all prosper by being able to provide better public safety, schools, roads, shopping areas and more jobs. No one should feel unsafe walking down the street, at work or at school. Aurora currently has the best Fire and Police Department in the west, and I pledge to keep it that way by keeping the best leaders, constant training and the most up-to-date equipment for our brave firemen and policemen.


The City doesn’t create jobs, rather we should get out of the way by decreasing the amount of paperwork, taxes and red tape so the private sector can retain and bring in new jobs. Small business is the engine that drives our economy. As a small business owner myself, “I get it”! We have started the All 4 Business Program which streamlines the processes and makes code and requirements more common sense. Our new Sustainable Infill Redevelopment (SIR) was designed to simplify processes so small business can bring in jobs while upgrading infill lots. I work with the Realtors Association, Business Development Offices, Chamber of Commerce, Code Enforcement, Aurora Economic Development Council, Aurora Public Schools, Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority, to name a few, to provide a healthy economy and a responsible city government for you.


By setting priorities and making tough choices, our City Budget stays balanced. We are mandated by City Charter to always keep a balanced budget even in a down economy. The good news is that we’ve been able to open all city pools and increase library hours. The things I’m most excited about in Ward 3 are the removal of the Fan Fare Building on Havana and keeping water rates from rising (no increase since 2010). Below are some promises I made to you in 2009 and the promises I kept to you: Visit Promises Kept Page for more information.


Partnering with private companies is one of the best ways to get large jobs accomplished while sharing the costs. For example: Aurora has partnered with RTD to get our Light Rail built by 2015. For our social programs by partnering with groups like Comitis Homeless Shelter, Veterans groups, homeowner associations, churches, SunGate Kids, Aurora Public Schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Buckley and Lowry AFB, Fitzsimons campus, and teachers groups, we can make a positive difference in many more lives.


So you can know where your hard-earned tax dollars are going, the city budget and all current projects are on our website: www.auroragov.org. You can watch all Study Sessions and City Council meetings live, on Channel 8 or on You Tube. Our policy committee meetings are always open for you to come visit. I am always available and would love to chat with you.